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The National Museum was already closed, and the firefighting team had already left and there wer▓e only four guards on duty. The fire started in ▓the rear, and it took the guards a while to detect t▓he fire. When they did, it w

as already too late," Leitao said.He added that an in-depth investigation into th▓e fire's cause will be required.A museum director is said▓ to have seen a hot air ballon near the buildi▓ng, and that it could have fallen onto the ro▓oft

op. The other possibility is that a short-circuit in the audiovisual laboratory could have ignited the blaze.According to Leitao, part of t▓he stock located outside the museum was saved, but workers are still trying to determ

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the American continent.Because of its▓ partnership with the Federal University o▓f Rio

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de Janeiro (UFRJ), it was an investigation and learning center.It housed the largest collection of mummies in the Americas and

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ace on Sept. 3-4 in Beijing, we can take a closer look ▓at China鈥檚 US$ 38 billion energy investments in Afr▓ica from Ethiopia to Kenya, Madagascar

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    , Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda.A panorama glance: China-Eastern Africa cooperation under the▓ Belt & Road

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    A panorama glance: China-Eastern Africa cooperation under the Belt & Road08-31-2018 14:03 BJTBy Timothy Sibasi-Reporter without borders, based in Kampala, UgandaAhead of the upcoming For

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    um on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) scheduled to take place on Sept. 3-4 in Beijing, we can take a closer look at Chi

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na's US$ 38 billion energy investments in Africa from Ethiopia to Kenya, Madagascar, Mau

ive in and around Tongze, capital of the Hainan Li-Miao Autono
mous Prefecture, and Baoting, Ledong, Dongfang and oth

ritius, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda, which have played a key part to boo▓st the African economy.Fifty three African head of▓ states are expected to attend the summit as they will mee▓t with Chinese President Xi Jinping and pledge closer C▓hina-Africa ties that will focus on industrial developm▓ent, infrastructure, trade and investment, human resource d▓evelopment, science education, culture and health, environmental protections, as well as▓ peace and security.East Africa comprises of some of Africa's most floating economies. Ernst and Young, one of Africa’s leading auditing consultancy firms, predicted in its 2017 report, Con▓nectivity Redefined, that Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiop▓ia are forecast to grow at an annual rate o▓f more than 6% for the next 10 years, largely on account of continuous growth of fore

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nd.Lying at▓ the foot of the Wuzhi Mountains, the Li area is a▓
tropical paradise with fertile land a▓nd abundant rainfall. Coconut pal

ign direct investmen▓t (FDI).Uganda. Chinese investment in

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r trees line the beaches and people in some places reap t▓hree
crops of rice a year and grow maize and sweet potatoes

▓ Africa remains focused on mining, resources and infrastructure. In the past

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ajor producer of tropical c▓rops such as co
conut, arica, sisal hemp, lemon
grass, cocoa, coffee, rubber, oil palm,
cashew, pineapple,
casava, mango and banana.The island is ab▓undant
ls like copper,